LEJE in French stands for ‘The I’.

Korean designers Je Yangmo and Kang Juhyeong, each a graduate from Studio Berçot and Esmod Paris,

cultivated their designing expertise at Balmain and Lanvin respectively. The designers later launched LEJE in Paris.

LEJE documents the designers’ exploration of the captivating contrasts

encountered in their growth journey—Eastern and Western cultures, ideologies, masculinity and femininity, subculture and luxury.

This process aims to reconcile these divergent elements into harmony.

LEJE embraces a contemporary avant-garde approach, portraying a fresh beauty that departs from standardized imagery.

Crafting structural silhouettes through bold cut and draping, the collection is enriched with witty details and sensual materials, resulting in a more lavish composition.


LEJE embodies its sustainability narrative within the collection,

built on the principles of 3-Zeros (Zero-Chemical Process, Zero-Waste, Zero-Stereotype),

which revolve around traditional craftsmanship, zero-waste process, and high-value products.


The Artisanal collection of LEJE unveils its unique artistic philosophy through a single item each season.

Just as a story is composed of paragraphs, the ‘Paragraph’ collection will come together to complete another narrative of LEJE.

Produced in limited quantities for the value of the product, each item will be assigned a distinctive number.