LEJE in French stands for ‘The I’. Korean designers Je Yangmo and Kang Juhyeong, each a graduate of Studio Berçot and Esmod Paris,

cultivated their designing expertise at Balmain and Lanvin respectively. The designers later launched LEJE in Paris. 


LEJE documents the process of exploring and forming harmony among disharmony. The source of inspiration for LEJE originates from 

the divergence of subculture versus elaborate luxury, structural mannish traits versus elegant femininity, and the East versus the West in regards to their consciousness and culture.

A sophisticated approach that encompasses such an attractive divergence as a whole is indeed LEJE’s innermost creative process.


LEJE analyzes clothes with an experimental perspective and creates a structural and modern silhouette by innovative cut and relaxed draping.

With unique details and sensible materials, a richer collection is completed.


LEJE’s insistence and obsession with traditional handcraft is the most crucial value in pursuing sustainability. With a wide array of sustainable materials that undergo minimal chemical processes, 

there comes a modern restoration through sophisticated artisanship from expert artisans who breathe embroidery, origami, and hand-knitting to the materials.


‘Paragraph’ – LEJE’s artisanal collection that highlights LEJE’s own witty art philosophy by targeting a single item(theme).